On Super Tuesday

It is difficult to exist on Super Tuesday in America and not feel at least a small rustle of excitement somewhere in your mind. There are big decisions being made by real people today, across nearly half of our nation. To the degree that the United States can still be said to be a democracy, this is democracy in action.

There are state conventions, caucuses, and polls in 22 states, I think. Millions and millions of Americans will be involved in the process. Not nearly enough of us, for I think everyone should pay attention to the issues and vote every time, but this race is interesting enough that the turnout should be high, and high is certainly better than low. We need to take this democracy thing seriously, or people like little Bush will grab the rest of it away from us.

For me, the Republicans don’t offer much: a rich preppie, an over-the-hill politico, and a fundamentalist whack-job. The Democratic side, though abbreviated to two real candidates, is exciting for me. I would take Hillary. She would do a much better job than has been done the previous eight years, even if she napped as much as Reagan. If she wins, I will not be crestfallen.

But should Obama take home enough votes to stay in the hunt, my political spirit will be revived, and my hopes for the country will be revived with them. We need some charisma, supported by substance, and that is how I see Barack Obama on this Super Tuesday: The Last Best American Hope.

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