The Process May Still Work

Democracy has been under vigorous attack from the highest levels of the Administration for seven years, for whatever reason. Even if they felt they were doing the right thing, the rest of us know that you can’t save the country by turning it into Communist Poland. Lech fixed that mess, and I hope we can fix this one. The way that the political process appears to be working right now gives me hope.

The Republicans have made the best choice they could have. Romney’s best quality is his hair. Although he is a personable whack-job, Huckabee is still a whack-job. McCain has a few issues, no pun intended, but I honestly feel like he has thought about all of the problems that we face and is campaigning on what he truly feels are the best answers for the country. That is all you can ask of a candidate, and puts him an infinite number of steps above the actions of Bush and Cheney. As I said to someone today, if Obama and Hillary get run over by a truck, I could at least vote for McCain.

On the Democratic side, I will probably vote for whoever gets the nomination at this point. Hillary would be a marked improvement over what we have now, but I think that she is working her own insider agenda, and I can’t see where it has much to do with us. As I have said before, where George wants to be King, Hillary want to be Queen. So I would prefer Obama, the only candidate with any chance to move things back to where our citizens are important again, and our freedoms have a chance to survive and even flourish. Obama is my man.

And there is more good news. The Democratic campaign has been a fairly clean one. I have yet to see an attack ad on the Democratic side. Both candidates have been talking about the issues that confront us, in the main. If Hillary could just get Bill to shut up, this campaign would be almost genteel. That makes me happy. We need to talk about the issues. We need leaders that believe in us and themselves, and don’t make all of their decision based on polls. The democratic process, with a small ‘d’, seems to be resurfacing after an absence of many years. That makes me very happy.


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  1. Well, now you’ve gone and done it! I can’t write anything about this campaign because you’ve summed up exactly how I feel about it. I enjoy your writing on politics, tech, and all the varied subjects you cover so well. It is supposed to be difficult to write both eloquently and simply, yet you make it seem effortless.

    That is why I invite you to stop by the Inflatable Soapbox for your E for Excellence in blogging award. You’re one of my favorites! Peace.

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