Tucker the Weird Dawg

Tucker is an English Springer Spaniel, the third Springer that I have been proud to house, feed, and love. Tucker was also my third Springer rescue, this time from the amazing people at ESRA, the English Springer Rescue America organization. There is little point in getting a dog if you do not rescue it. There are so many that need … Continue reading

101 things about me

There is a “meme” going around herein people write eight, or sixteen, or twelve things about themselves. I have not yet figured out why this is important. However, I thought I would give it a try. I am a natural over-achiever, so it got a little out of hand. There follows 101 random things about me. 1. I am the … Continue reading

Advisory Bullshit

It occurred to me again today how many people there are trying to tell us how to live our lives. Doctor Phil. The Dali Lama. Every inexperienced academic on the planet. The Federal Government. Oprah Winfrey. Fox News. John McCain. (okay, so those last two are telling us the same things) Cereal boxes. New age self-improvement books. Newspaper columns. Talk … Continue reading

Saccharine Sex

I understand that sex sells. I understand that there is a great deal of interest in the subject generally. But I do not understand why the most popular take on sex appears to be about as sophisticated as the jokes in high school sophomore biology. Please do not get me wrong. I think sex is wonderful. It is one of … Continue reading

Loving the Mixx


So, on the recommendation of people I knew from StumbleUpon and Twitter, I joined Mixx. At first, it looked a lot like Digg and Reddit. You know, read the articles, vote up or down, yadda yadda. But even during my first evening at Mixx, there was a much better feeling about the place than at any other (more or less) … Continue reading

Idiots In Sports

In the news today, I see that Roger Clemons says he is upset about being named in the steroids scandal, Michael Vick says he is not the beast, and Jason Kidd is unhappy about being named in a lawsuit by a model that he allegedly groped. This is not too difficult, boys. Pull up a chair and just pay attention … Continue reading