Advisory Bullshit

It occurred to me again today how many people there are trying to tell us how to live our lives. Doctor Phil. The Dali Lama. Every inexperienced academic on the planet. The Federal Government. Oprah Winfrey. Fox News. John McCain. (okay, so those last two are telling us the same things) Cereal boxes. New age self-improvement books. Newspaper columns. Talk … Continue reading

The State of The World

The world seems always to have been full of petty dictators. If you will think back to your high school history, it was pretty much a parade of monarchist, fascist, socialist, communist, and other-ist dictators. They were everywhere, from ancient Greece to, well, modern Greece and beyond. Generally, those leaders with even a single altruistic quality were quickly gunned down … Continue reading

A Christmas Meme

The West Virginia Blogger tagged me with a meme that simply requires that I answer some questions about Christmas and me. I can do that. Wrapping or gift bags? We don’t buy many gifts anymore, as a sort of a protest against commercialization. But those that we do buy, we wrap. I love to wrap! Real or artificial Tree? My … Continue reading

The Fifth Season

Yesterday’s column was about the seasons, but I was just thinking then about the normal four seasons. You know, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It would appear that my part of the central US is about to experience the fifth season: Ice. The “pink weather” phenomenon has become more common as global temperatures have increased. I do not recall having … Continue reading


It is difficult to believe in global warming when the weather is so cold and dank, but I will persevere. ;o) I have always been of two minds about the seasons. Each of them has its merits, and there is something of beauty about all of them. The rebirth of Spring, the green of Summer, the riot of Autumn colors, … Continue reading