It is difficult to believe in global warming when the weather is so cold and dank, but I will persevere. ;o) I have always been of two minds about the seasons. Each of them has its merits, and there is something of beauty about all of them. The rebirth of Spring, the green of Summer, the riot of Autumn colors, and the austere beauty of Winter. There is something magical about that cycle.

Then again, you could think of it as the floods and mud of Spring, the mosquitoes and flies of Summer, the hay fever of Autumn, and the ice and sleet of Winter. ;o) I lived for 25 years or so in the San Francisco Bay Area, always near the water, and the seasons there can often be described as being only two: Perfect and Near-Perfect. It was also nice to have that stately march of beautiful days, rarely too hot, rarely too cold, not many insects, and not usually too much rain. There’s a lot to be said for constancy.

Still and all, I remember nearly freezing on the Pacifica fishing pier in a cold wind, and nearly suffocating in the over-exuberant warmth of a Redwood City day. If you are going to have changes anyway, they may as well be pretty ones, I guess. So I’m good for now with the progression of the seasons. Not that I can change them in the middle of Kansas anyway, but I’m okay with them

That would be easier to say, of course, if it were not cold and gray outside my office window, and if it were not the second day of freezing drizzle with another two to go. By the end of February or the beginning of March, I will be more than happy for the seasons to get on with it, and change already! I will be thinking then of how lovely the weather can be in Northern California at that time of year.

And will I keep it to myself. Heck, no! What good is it being a curmudgeon if you can’t bitch about the weather?


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