The Process May Still Work

Democracy has been under vigorous attack from the highest levels of the Administration for seven years, for whatever reason. Even if they felt they were doing the right thing, the rest of us know that you can’t save the country by turning it into Communist Poland. Lech fixed that mess, and I hope we can fix this one. The way … Continue reading

The State of The World

The world seems always to have been full of petty dictators. If you will think back to your high school history, it was pretty much a parade of monarchist, fascist, socialist, communist, and other-ist dictators. They were everywhere, from ancient Greece to, well, modern Greece and beyond. Generally, those leaders with even a single altruistic quality were quickly gunned down … Continue reading

Idiots In Sports

In the news today, I see that Roger Clemons says he is upset about being named in the steroids scandal, Michael Vick says he is not the beast, and Jason Kidd is unhappy about being named in a lawsuit by a model that he allegedly groped. This is not too difficult, boys. Pull up a chair and just pay attention … Continue reading

Kansas Bites the Dust

The Kansas Jayhawks ran into a buzz saw at Arrowhead stadium Saturday night. When they came out the other end of that device, they were considerably smaller in both stature and reputation. Even the coach was smaller in the latter, which is saying something. It is not possible to blame the players for this loss. If you wish to blame … Continue reading

The State of Education

Oddly enough, I had to get this Kansas topic from a friend in Australia. Yvonne (her blog is here) emailed me about a great YouTube video exposing the archaic methods of education being used all over the world, and the way that young, internet-savvy students feel about that, which is mainly annoyed. I would paste the video in, but as I … Continue reading