Post-Super-Tuesday Wednesday

So, how do I feel about things now that Super Tuesday is over? Naturally, I’ve thought about it and have an opinion or two. First, the Republicans. McCain is likely, now to be the winner. He is almost certainly the best they have. Romney is to be commended for having the best hair, of course. The odd man out that won’t go away is still Huckabee, a fellow who has an invisible man in the sky as a campaign manager. He apparently has captured the conservative whacko vote. I know, I shouldn’t beat around the bush so much. Sorry.

On the Democratic side, nothing changed, really. I’d have been happier if Obama had won big-time. but that was not to be, especially in places like New York and California. Hillary is just where she was, a tiny bit ahead of her only competition. I can hope that Barack Obama can get most of the remaining delegates, but that is just a hope. I believe that they are going to go into the convention very close to tied, with no candidate selected.

If that happens, I believe that back-room deals, dirty politics, and money (especially money) will get Hillary the nomination. Look at where her money comes from and you can tell she’s on sale. That’s sad, but it is the current state of American politics. The movers and shakers (the corporate rich) will move and shake, and Obama will be left out in the cold. I don’t believe that he is for sale, at least not yet.

Maybe, as one of the CNN wags said last night, Barack Obama is a movement and movements are hard to stop. I don’t know that that is true. The folks in charge have done a very good job of stopping the anti-war movement, the women’s movement, the Black rights movement, the Gay rights movement, and any other movement that has any chance of loosening their iron control on the reins and whip that control this country.

I will still campaign for and stand behind Barack Obama. I can’t guarantee that my whole heart will be in it, though. Party politics as usual, combines with corporate greed, both well spun, may be enough to do him in.


Post-Super-Tuesday Wednesday — 3 Comments

  1. Don’t give up.

    I hesitate to put all of myself into this too– there are just so many possibilities at this point. But the future is so precious, and Obama deserves a shot at the nomination.

    Sen. Obama won more total delegates yesterday than Sen. Clinton, especially in some of the precious swing states. We will need him to win up the independents for us in the fall. And the superdelegates, who get to make up their own minds and are about 1/5 of the total delegates, are mostly uncommitted (though Hillary has about 90 more than Obama right now). If we keep the tone positive and the messages going without stepping into the muck of politics-as-usual, we stand a chance against the machine. I’m writing my state’s 12 unaligned superdelegates today.

    I’m proud that you, and my very moderate mother, are in this too. Thank you.

  2. Vanessa –

    I actually feel more sanguine, and more energized, now. I think I have seen too much, especially in the last eight years, go terribly wrong and sometimes it just depresses me. I am especially glad that you and other like you are involved, and I hope that more and more people just like you join us. You may be seeing this situation with clearer lenses than I am. Just guessing, I think that I am probably the one of us carrying the most political baggage. ;o) We have not yet won, but we still can. This seems like a great chance to begin the long process of taking our country back. You, your mother, and a lot of other people want to see Obama win. If we work hard enough, we can make that happen, one person and one vote at a time. Thanks for helping to fight the good fight.


  3. Count me in, too, Kermit. Obama is the only candidate who seems to energize the voters in this country. I hesitate to criticize McCain too harshly because of everything he went through during the Vietnam War, but his whispery voice, age and affiliation with the D.C. status quo all combine to turn me off.

    To me, it’s not what Obama will be able to accomplish once he is elected. It’s that for the first time in my lifetime, the people of the U.S.A. will have a responsive ear in the White House. That alone will create the opportunities for positive change.

    I do hope Kathleen Sebelius is given some consideration as the Demos ponder a running mate for Obama. What a team they would be!

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