Loving the Mixx

mixx.jpegSo, on the recommendation of people I knew from StumbleUpon and Twitter, I joined Mixx. At first, it looked a lot like Digg and Reddit. You know, read the articles, vote up or down, yadda yadda. But even during my first evening at Mixx, there was a much better feeling about the place than at any other (more or less) similar site that I had been to.

Maybe because it is still smaller, something which is not going to last for very long. It is simply too good to stay small. Whatever the feeling is, I somehow know that I am very welcome there. That’s one way to put it. Technically, the system is well designed and executed. The rules seem really simple and fair. The moderation of those rules seems equally fair.

But best of all, by far, are the people. It would be impolite to name names, of course, but I quickly found a substantial number of Mixxers to respect and enjoy. I have had some excellent conversations with people at Mixx, either in Mixx-mail or in comments. In the main, the major active players are bright, thoughtful people submitting a lot of good content, sometimes their own but usually not. Hell, at Mixx, even most of the trolls have a sense of humor.

So, right now, Mixx is an extraordinary place. I know that I’m planning to stay. Good people, intelligent management, clear policy, good content. Did I mention good people? There is very little to dislike. Some spam, which is quickly eradicated, and what site doesn’t have spam? Some trolls, but what site doesn’t have trolls, and even the trolls at Mixx seem to be of high quality.

Mixx gives away awards to their members. I have not been there long, but I already have two of them. In my experience, even the awards show good judgment on the part of management. I don’t know exactly how the process works, but they have given me exactly the right prizes, two just the same. Both are awards for being โ€œMost Opinionated.โ€ I cannot imagine anything more fitting for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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