How To Get Bad News

Although I don’t expect to get a lot of takers, I am absolutely sure that I have identified a surefire method for getting bad news. It is only a two-step process, so I’m sure anybody can do it. I know it’s easy for me. The first step is to get old, and by “old” I just mean the top part … Continue reading

Health Care and Me

Several things have brought the subject of health care to my mind today. None of those has made me feel more sanguine about life. I have not seen the latest offering from Michael Moore, but I think I get the gist of the message. It seems to me that his bottom line was that the health care in the United … Continue reading

When Will It Be Safe To Eat Again?

I hate to bring up questions when I don’t have any answers, but I am going to do it anyway. The news today contains a recall of beef, expanding t0 21.7 MILLION pound of hamburger “possibly” containing e. coli. Believe me, if this stuff was safe, the manufacturer would not be recalling it. That’s a lot of money off the … Continue reading

Does Big Pharma Really Want to Cure Anything?

I often wonder if scientists are working very hard to find cures. It seems that most of the studies into diseases are paid for by pharmaceutical companies. As far as I can tell, these companies make most of their money from “maintenance” drugs. We are talking about really big money here, well into the hundreds of billions of dollars. If … Continue reading