Too Much Magic

America is suffering from an overdose of magic, and much of the world is following along. It will surprise no one if I say that I have a theory about that. My theory is: Americans are becoming escapists in droves because there are so many things about reality that they cannot deal with. It is easier to slip away into make-believe than it is to do anything about the mess that we find ourselves in.

It seems that we would rather read Harry Potter than do the hard and tedious work of improving our political system, which is mired in the throes of money, power, and greed. Rather than work to find and elect candidates that will legislate for the people instead of themselves and their donors, we spend endless hours escaping to dungeons with dragons. It’s just easier that way.

Our schools are too poorly run to give us a decent grounding in science and math, so instead of trying to keep up with science and technology, we turn to Biblical miracles and a belief that the Earth is only a few thousand years old. We legislate against things like stem cell research without even trying to figure out what that is or how it can help us. It’s just easier that way.

We don’t know what to do about the corporations that have bought and paid for our government, and are ransacking our country, so we retreat into television shows and movies about superheroes and objects that can turn magically into other objects. Rather than work to take our country back from the people that have bought it from the politicians, we just go down to the theater and watch Transformers. It’s just easier that way.

In truth, America has become fat and lazy. Life is generally good, at least better than in those other countries where all of our jobs are being shipped, so it’s easier just to ignore the lies, deceit, greed, and chaos around us. Go down to McDonalds, soak up a few thousand more calories, then go buy some superheroes comic books or watch the make-believe lives in a soap opera. It is just easier that way.

Most of us are taking the easy way out. All that escape tactic ever got anybody is last place, and America is sinking fast towards dead last in the world.

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