WTF, Barack?

I have been Barack Obama’s biggest fan and supporter. I worked for his election. I voted for him. I convinced other people to vote for him. I listened to his vision in his oratory, and found in him the promise of delivery from eight years of unethical, and even criminal, behavior by the Bush administration. Barack said clearly to us, … Continue reading

Voting Critically

It is getting harder every day to discuss politics, simply because the electorate is too polarized. I believe that to be on purpose, a ruse to keep people from talking about the things that matter. Politicians want this situation to be commonplace, in order that we stay disgusted with the process and don’t look at it too closely, or begin … Continue reading

The Process May Still Work

Democracy has been under vigorous attack from the highest levels of the Administration for seven years, for whatever reason. Even if they felt they were doing the right thing, the rest of us know that you can’t save the country by turning it into Communist Poland. Lech fixed that mess, and I hope we can fix this one. The way … Continue reading

On Super Tuesday

It is difficult to exist on Super Tuesday in America and not feel at least a small rustle of excitement somewhere in your mind. There are big decisions being made by real people today, across nearly half of our nation. To the degree that the United States can still be said to be a democracy, this is democracy in action. … Continue reading

Perhaps a Ray of Hope

As I said yesterday, I have had a hard time finding a candidate that I could really get behind. Perhaps it is the incredibly uninspiring years that we have just been through, characterized more than anything else by fear-mongering and a lack of consideration of the rights of human beings, that has made it difficult to select. But after a … Continue reading

The State of The World

The world seems always to have been full of petty dictators. If you will think back to your high school history, it was pretty much a parade of monarchist, fascist, socialist, communist, and other-ist dictators. They were everywhere, from ancient Greece to, well, modern Greece and beyond. Generally, those leaders with even a single altruistic quality were quickly gunned down … Continue reading