The Reality of New Media

Writing on consecutive days about getting information from the new media and the Ron Paul campaign, a curmudgeon cannot help but reflect on how those things go together. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the (I think) questionable polling techniques of the Paul campaign, you have to admit that their grip on the Web as an instrument of … Continue reading

The Treatment of Refugees in America

I am waiting, and watching, with almost unbounded curiosity, to see if the rich white people of Southern California are treated as badly as the poor black people of New Orleans in their time of crisis. We can even have the battle of the football stadiums, since the field where the San Diego Chargers play football has been opened up … Continue reading

Talking Turkey?

The past often haunts both people and countries. Turkey’s past is haunting them now, that sad past with Armenia, in which Turkey did not act ethically. If they were trying to come to grips with their own past, it might be a good thing. That is often a healthy exercise. However, in this case, they are being prodded by the … Continue reading

The Slammer

Why are so many Americans in jail? That is a very simple-sounding question yet it seemingly does not have a correct answer, which is to say that there are a great many answers but one cannot tell which among them are correct. One fact does stand out: if you are an American, you are much more likely to be in … Continue reading