Is Ranting and Raving Enough?

One rants and one raves (well, at least this one does) about the behavior of the current Bush administration, but one fervently hopes that Little George and company are not truly evil in the classic sense of the word. One hopes instead that Bush and his administration are just misguided, power-hungry, overly capitalistic (and militaristic) 21st century miscreants. For if … Continue reading

Rich People Don’t Know Squat

I think rich people are just great folks, most of the time. But then, because they are rich and can buy an election, they get themselves elected into our government, in very powerful positions. President, for example. The Bush family has been very rich for a very long time. They have been using their money to buy elections, and therefore … Continue reading

Were We Rude to Ahmadinejad?

I see a lot of rhetoric about whether or not we were rude to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I call it rhetoric since it seems to be fueled by one’s stance on American politics, having nothing to do with Ahmadinejad himself. The President of Iran is a despicable semi-human fundamentalist Islamic strong-arm dictator, a fascist in religious clothing, a basher of women, … Continue reading

The Similarities Between Ahmadinejad and Bush

It is difficult to ignore the similarities between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President George W. Bush. There are differences, thank fate, but the similarities far outweigh them. To quote yet another president, this time Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, the Iranian president is “a petty and cruel dictator.” Little George is certainly petty. He obviously wants to be a dictator, … Continue reading

Terrorism: No Need For War

George W. Bush has made an entire presidential career out of the War On Terror. He somehow equates a hundred thousand troops in Iraq, constantly annoying the Iraqis, as the major component of that war. I’m sorry, George, but the only effect that the war in Iraq is having on terrorists is to further piss them off. Dubya has managed … Continue reading

Katrina, Little George, and Global Warming

At this time of year, whenever I look out into the mid-Atlantic or the Gulf, large storms are everywhere. It is difficult not to think of Katrina when I see the big blotches of orange, yellow, and white out over the warm water. It is impossible to think of Katrina without thinking of all the flooding and a devastated New … Continue reading