Headlines 002

Headlines can be so amusing. These are not headlines intended for humor. Far From it! These are all taken from the CNN main list of the day’s news. Some are not really news at all, some are poorly worded (to say the least), and some are just plain stupid. I keep a text file on my desktop so that I can document … Continue reading

Talking Turkey?

The past often haunts both people and countries. Turkey’s past is haunting them now, that sad past with Armenia, in which Turkey did not act ethically. If they were trying to come to grips with their own past, it might be a good thing. That is often a healthy exercise. However, in this case, they are being prodded by the … Continue reading

Christmas Before Halloween

The latest round in the race for corporate greed honors goes to the retailers that have already started putting up Christmas decorations. It is still two weeks before Halloween and six weeks before Thanksgiving, not to mention ten weeks before Christmas. As if it is not already bad enough that the greedy politicians have so perverted “campaign season” to mean … Continue reading

Kids Killing Kids

We have seen several more incidents of high school violence over the last few days, each of which seems sadder than the last. The reasons for these acts are much deeper than the excuses we get in the news media: “He’s a Goth.” “He’s an atheist.” “He’s a loner.” The incidents themselves run the gamut for nooses being hung to … Continue reading

The Pesky Sound of Whining in Kansas

Unusual hearing follows traffic stop From the Lawrence Journal-World, September 1, 2007 Laura West claims the Kansas Highway Patrol trooper who stopped her “vessel” on the night of June 11 west of Lawrence had no right to arrest her. She’s never had a driver’s license and doesn’t need one, West said as she represented herself Friday in Douglas County District … Continue reading