Idiots In Sports

In the news today, I see that Roger Clemons says he is upset about being named in the steroids scandal, Michael Vick says he is not the beast, and Jason Kidd is unhappy about being named in a lawsuit by a model that he allegedly groped. This is not too difficult, boys. Pull up a chair and just pay attention for a few minutes. It might be too late for you three, and all of the rest of the athletes that have been arrested and convicted lately, but maybe we can save some of the young ones.

If you’re upset about being associated with the steroids scandal, stay the hell away from steroids, Roger. If you don’t want to be the beast, Michael, don’t get involved in fighting dogs and killing the ones that don’t win. If you don’t want to be in court, Jason, don’t grope the model. You three are among a tragically large number of stupid effing jocks that give all jocks a bad name. Believe me, there are a lot of professional athletes that don’t deserve to be associated with your stupidity.

People have been telling you all of your life that you’re special because you can run, or jump, or throw better than most people. That has gone to your heads. Somehow, your feeble brains have stretched that questionable personal quality out to being immune to all things, to being demi-gods. Well, you’re not. We pay you a lot of money for your talent, way out of proportion to what you are actually worth. But in the end, you’re just a bunch of spoiled children that never had to grow up. Maybe spending some time in jail will make you understand that you’re not so damned special after all, although you are proving that you are exceptionally dumb.

I’m sick of listening to all of you crime-worshiping, overpaid, over-privileged, coddled, and under-honest fools whine after you’ve done idiotic things and then been caught at it. Grow up. Learn some ethics. Get over your ignorant selves.


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