The Electoral Circus – The Wannabe Kings

The 2008 election appears to be on cruise control. We have untenable candidates that say they are being unfairly ignored, even though they are being ignored because they are untenable candidates. We have Democrats sniping at Democrats, Republicans sniping at Republicans, and Democrats and Republicans sniping at each other. We have celebrities joining in the fun, clouding all the issues, just hungry for more fame.

We have candidates saying stupid things. We have candidates saying intelligent things. But mainly, as has become common in America, we have candidates saying absolutely nothing in an endless stream of words. As has also become common, we have almost no one talking about substantive issues. Instead, we have people talking about religion, and “family values” for days on end. Those are minor issues made major by the Dark Ages far right; in general, they have no place in a meaningful campaign outside of the repetition of rhetoric.

While all this is going on, the little Bush continues to take the country down the toilet, laughing as the dollar loses value, spewing nonsense as he kills American soldiers and scores of Iraqis in his private war, grinning vacantly while he rapes the Bill of Rights, vacationing while the country is ransacked by the major corporations that own him, putting on his tux while he singlehandedly empties the coffers of America. More out of curiosity than anything else, I have looked for something that he is doing right. There is nothing.

And still, none of the candidates from either party, nor any other major elected official in our land has the courage to seriously challenge this most treasonous of all Presidents. He is being allowed to do everything but make himself King, and I have been hard-pressed to figure out why. That’s just because I was thinking inside the box of Party In Power vs. Loyal Opposition. It’s easier than that. None of the candidates are complaining because they want to take advantage of all that raping and pillaging of America.

All the candidates want to be King of America, too.

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