Sucking Up To A Search Engine

While Stumbling new pages during the last couple of days, I have run across several sites bemoaning the recent Google page-rank downgrading of a number of previously highly-rated sites . I even read one in which a blogger had decided to give up on Google entirely. There is much wringing of hands, rending of clothing, and self-loathing, with confusion and … Continue reading

A Bad Day

What do you call a morning  where you drop the soap in the shower twice, discover that all eight dishes from the leftovers warmed up the night before have been washed in the dishwasher, drop three of the first five ice cubes you try to put in your carafe of water to carry downstairs, find that the fan in your … Continue reading

My Head (Revisited)

This essay was originally written 26 years ago for inclusion in a column (called Kermit’s Korner) which I wrote in the Netwits SIG section of Compuserve. It is as true today as it was then. My writing has (probably) improved, but the technique for keeping track of one’s head has stayed just the same. One of the unfortunate circumstances inherent … Continue reading

Desktop Blog Tag

I was tagged by The West Virginia Blogger to put up a picture of my desktop. I actually have fifty or so photos that I have taken rotating at any one time, out of several hundred that I have shaved down to desktop size. This is my favorite of the current batch. It is the view over my back fence … Continue reading

What, Really, Is a Dutch-American?

I suppose that it would be possible to think of me as a Dutch-American. My ancestry is mixed European, really, with Dutch the largest component. My mother, who was in a great position to know, always told me that I was half-Dutch, half-Irish, half-English and half-assed. See, I told you that she ought to know. ;o) But I don’t think … Continue reading