Popups, Pop-Unders, and Idiots

I am a both stumbler and a Stumbler. Because I have multiple sclerosis, I have become a journeyman physical stumbler. I am also a user of StumbleUpon. Not a pathological Stumbler, yet, I don’t think, but, a Stumbler nonetheless. For the uninitiated, StumbleUpon is a sort of Match.com or eHarmony service for you and Websites. You tell StumbleUpon what sort … Continue reading

The Pesky Sound of Whining in Kansas

Unusual hearing follows traffic stop From the Lawrence Journal-World, September 1, 2007 Laura West claims the Kansas Highway Patrol trooper who stopped her “vessel” on the night of June 11 west of Lawrence had no right to arrest her. She’s never had a driver’s license and doesn’t need one, West said as she represented herself Friday in Douglas County District … Continue reading