Asian Noodles

Sometimes you just have to wonder about things. For example, how did a Dutch-Irish lad from Nebraska get to the point where his favorite food group was Asian noodle dishes? Things like Phad Thai, Singapore Chow Mei Fun, and the Drunken Noodles at Zen Zero here in Lawrence. You would think that I would have followed in the tradition of … Continue reading

More About Parents and Kids

Parents don’t need to let their kids collect guns and hand grenades to be bad parents. (see previous post) I happened to be having breakfast out with my wife yesterday morning, next to a booth containing four young boys and their parents. The adults (and I use that term advisedly) pretty much ignored the kids while they destroyed that entire … Continue reading

The Slammer

Why are so many Americans in jail? That is a very simple-sounding question yet it seemingly does not have a correct answer, which is to say that there are a great many answers but one cannot tell which among them are correct. One fact does stand out: if you are an American, you are much more likely to be in … Continue reading

Shopping as Sheep-like Behavior

Having covered “fashion” in this earlier post it is time to move on to shopping, which is the corporation-preferred activity for any doofus that believes the fashion lie. As a brief review, it is the fashion lie which gets the less-than-logical consumer to throw away perfectly good clothes, cars, appliances, and so on, then to rush right out and buy … Continue reading