What, Really, Is a Dutch-American?

I suppose that it would be possible to think of me as a Dutch-American. My ancestry is mixed European, really, with Dutch the largest component. My mother, who was in a great position to know, always told me that I was half-Dutch, half-Irish, half-English and half-assed. See, I told you that she ought to know. ;o) But I don’t think … Continue reading

Why is there so much sadness?

Everywhere we turn, we find sadness, disasters, tragedies, sob stories, tear-jerkers, angst, distress, misery, melancholy and woes. The news is full of it, the Internet is full of it, our entertainment (!?!) is full of it. Sometimes, it all gets a little overwhelming. It seems like an airborne plague of negative energy, lurking above us, waiting to come down like … Continue reading

The Shrub and Spin

I woke up to a headline in our local paper that said. “Bush Puts Positive Spin On Katrina Recovery.” In it, little George said that he thought the efforts at rebuilding New Orleans after their personal hurricane were going pretty well. Just for review, lets note the the Federal Government is still holding back on providing almost all of the … Continue reading

Why Am I a Curmudgeon?

Over the years, I have come to believe that we are giving up control over our lives to big corporations and to the government that those corporations have purchased. When we feel that we have no control, we are right. This blog will explore the concessions that we have made and the actions that we need to take to retain … Continue reading