Perhaps a Ray of Hope – Part Three

As I said in my last two columns, I am supporting Obama because he is the only candidate that really represents change, regardless of how the rest have climbed onto that bandwagon. Every other serious candidate in the race, on both sides, is a Washington insider with no reason to change the Executive Branch that King George has built.

Barack Obama is not yet part of the “inside the Beltway” crowd. He still lives out here with the rest of us, and is therefore the only one with any chance to see what the real citizens of America want and need. At the very least, he says the right words in the right way and seems to believe them. The rest of the candidates in this Presidential election are all very apparently working their own agendas and could not care less about what the average American needs.

Obama is an inspiring speaker, and one of the things America needs now is inspiration. George Bush has filled America with fear and polarization. Only a true leader can set that right and there is a chance that Obama is that kind of a leader. He speaks his mind, to the extent that is possible in today’s political climate. He doesn’t seem to be hiding anything; he peaks very openly for a national candidate.

It is early days yet. We’ll know more after Super Tuesday. At the worst, I will have to settle for Hillary Clinton, still much better than the little Bush. At the best, we may get Barack Obama.


Perhaps a Ray of Hope – Part Three — 14 Comments


  2. wake up.

    he changed his outspoken comments about Palestine pretty quickly when AIPAC denounced them. to this extent he’s just as much a beltway politician and just as heavily in the sway of the power lobbies as any other candidate -with the exception of Nader.

    things will be no different under his watch. When a fundamental wrong such as Israel’s continued illegal occupation of Palestine can be so wilfully and conveniently ignored in order to suit the wishes of the beneficiaries of the US’ largesse, we should all ask questions of ourselves.

    being “better” than Bush is no great praise. our place at the world table needs to be filled with someone of true substance and bravery if we are to claim to be the right and necessary model for global democracy and prosperity.

  3. Eric –

    Stop writing in caps. It’s annoying. It’a almost as annoying as Ron Paul supporters. Get a grip. He’s not going anywhere but home.


  4. Mike –

    Wake up, your ass. You wake up. Probably another Ron Paul fan-boi. Please see above. Then take a deep breath. Then start thinking on your own. Your hero is a loser. Sorry, it’s just true.


  5. mike –

    So you’re just going to bitch? That’s not much help. Maybe you’re hoping Cheney will leap into the ring.


  6. TenTenTwo –

    You are exactly right. I have a favorite, of course, but any of the three that are left would be better than the little Bush. If McCain would just back off the war issue, I would step back and look at him anew. The American people selected the best Republican that was in the race on that side. Even if I don’t agree with him, John believes that his views are the right ones. That’s fair. I like Obama. I’d take Hillary of I had to. I’d take McCain if I really had to. ;o)

    Thanks for the comment!


  7. cheney is in the ring, with the rest of the neocons. do you really think they’re going to give up their adventure because of a minor detail called an election?

    the votes that count have already been taken care of, for Florida 2000 read, well, Florida 2008.

    McCain by a slim majority, veneer of liberalism with a small “l” and Dicky, Wolfie, Carl and Billy Kristol lubing up the senate’s butt for a good roasting.

  8. Good for you. Barack Obama can absolutely bring a fresh perspective to Washington, and more importantly in this time of a powerful imperial presidency, to the White House.

    To all the people who are attacking his policy positions and inconsistencies: Look. In order to get elected, you have to lie. I have confidence that Barack is being as genuine as he can be without destroying his campaign. You think Hillary and McCain are expressing their true views about everything? In order to get elected, you have to appeal to the most people. If you look beyond that, you can see that what’s really important is having a president who has public virtue, who is willing to do what he thinks is right for the American people, rather than for public interests pressuring him, for lobbyists contributing to his campaigns, and for corporations with the power to bring detriment upon him. That person is Barack Obama. I’m not saying that McCain and Hillary wouldn’t make good presidents. I just think that Barack has more reason than they do, and would be able to get more stuff done. You’re free to disagree.

    I fear, however, since Barack’s main strength is his genuineness, that he might lose to McCain, since McCain is too a very straight talker, as far as I can tell. At least that is his projected image. We’ll soon see.

  9. mike –

    Maybe you can tel us that nice sorry about being abducted by aliens, now, or matbe the one about the chloride conspiracy? Maybe less coffee would help…


  10. I understand that you believe Obama stands for change. Most of this country seems to believe it, too. But I do not think it’s -enough- change. Why not support a third party candidate that REALLY represents change? The three best from which one can choose are Cynthia McKinney (possibly Green Party), Ralph Nader (Independent and possibly Green Party) and Brian Moore (Socialist Party USA). Sure they’re not “viable” like the Democrats and Republicans. But seriously, if I have to vote for a moderate like Obama simply because he’s “electable,” then I feel like I’ve already defied the constitution.

  11. accsoc –

    In my opinion, you are part of the problem. You are living in a world of fantasy, backing a 1/2% candidate from anywhere. McKinney may be fine, but there will not be a consensus there for a long time. Moore is a bit ridiculous, actually under the 100-year-old rhetoric. Nader has become a political hack of the first order. None of them can be elected. If you want to waste your vote, feel free. I actually want to take part in the election, not subvert it as you are trying to do. If you want more parties, get down in the trenches with one of them and help build it until it’s real. Then come back and talk to us.


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