Wage Parity and the Lack Thereof

Inclusive of my rant day before yesterday against spoiled gangster athletes, I hate it when things get obviously, wackily out of control in society. Compensation falls into that category just now. Yes, I know, it is always a bit skewed towards famous people, but is has gotten well past the point of ridiculousness. It is having an increasingly negative effect on society. We need to do our best to turn this one around.

You know that things are wrong when a mediocre shortstop in the majors makes $3 million a year and an excellent elementary school teacher command perhaps $40,000. We entrust our children to the teacher during their most formative years, but pay her only about 1% of what we pay the baseball player, who is likely as not to be on drugs, hanging out all night in strip clubs, beating his wife, and will probably go to jail at least once in his career.

Maybe that makes sense to you. It makes absolutely none to me. I can’t afford to go out to the park and watch the shortstop play, anyway. The corporate robber barons, all of whom make a lot more that the shortstop, have sold our jobs overseas, leaving us mainly with careers that involve phrases like, “Do you want fries with that?” They have done that, of course, because they make more money that way. And of course, because they don’t give a damn for either you or your family. They just want more money.

When they figure they can’t get enough money by raping America semi-legally, they just rape it illegally. How rare do you really think Enron and WorldCom are? Have you looked at gas prices? Have you seen what CEO’s make? Have you noticed that all of the politicians are down on their knees begging these people for more money? I can think of few people more reprehensible than these corporate rapists and their pet politicians.

Yet, they are all rich. Don’t you find it odd that all politicians have more money when they leave office than when they enter politics? I don’t find it odd. They all have their hands in the public and corporate troughs clear up to their shoulders. When they are done there will be nothing left of this country. Except teachers that make $40,000 a year and everyone else that makes minimum wage. Then who will the corporate pirates and the politicians rape?


Wage Parity and the Lack Thereof — 2 Comments

  1. J –

    I immediately went and read that post. Thanks for taking me there. The poor pay for teachers is a little like something else with which I have experience: performance aircraft manufacturedby the lowest bidder. I actually thought of the teacher issue when I saw the video of your marvelous child roaming around in the snow, hat at a jaunty angle and mittens dragging.

    How can it be that we entrust the people most important to us to persons that are badly underpaid? We somehow feel that there should be people that are altruistic enough to teach our children and starve, simultaneously.

    That is so, so wrong, and I am at an absolute loss as to how to fix it!


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