More About Parents and Kids

Parents don’t need to let their kids collect guns and hand grenades to be bad parents. (see previous post) I happened to be having breakfast out with my wife yesterday morning, next to a booth containing four young boys and their parents. The adults (and I use that term advisedly) pretty much ignored the kids while they destroyed that entire area of the restaurant.

When they were done, there were pieces of food everywhere, either thrown or dropped by children two to six, at a guess. The parents did not scold them for making the mess, nor do anything to stop them, nor seem to pay much attention to them at all. When they left, they made no attempt to do anything to clean up the war zone that they had left. They just got up and walked out, children screaming at the tops of their lungs. I can just imagine the way their house looks. If that is how they deal with their children at home, every exposed surface must be covered in rotting food.

Listen up, so-called “parents.” You are ruining your children and they are in turn ruining the world around those little animals that you are raising. Just because you know that putting tab “A” in slot “B” feels good does not make you a parent. It is your bloody job to teach your children right from wrong. Perhaps you are too moronic to know the difference, but the rest of us are not. Allowing your little band of prepubescent terrorists to trash a restaurant falls under the category of “bad.”

Someone should come by your house and remove the children from it, pending brighter parents. Then they should take whatever steps are necessary so that you can’t have any more children until you know how the hell to behave in public, and how to train you children to do so. It takes ignorant savages to raise ignorant savages. It would have been easier for the restaurant staff to bring in a skip-loader to clean up after you.

It does not take a brilliant imagination to imagine you letting your children run loose and break things everywhere you go. You are training them to be destructive, insolent teenagers and future flingers of trash out car windows. You are teaching them to think only of themselves, just as you obviously think only of yourselves.

You should all be living in a bloody cage at the bloody zoo.

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