Christmas Before Halloween

The latest round in the race for corporate greed honors goes to the retailers that have already started putting up Christmas decorations. It is still two weeks before Halloween and six weeks before Thanksgiving, not to mention ten weeks before Christmas. As if it is not already bad enough that the greedy politicians have so perverted “campaign season” to mean 365 x 24 bullshit in the news and in commercials, with no way to escape, now we’re getting close to three months with no way to escape the greed of Christmas.

While we listen to endless Republicans without hearts and Democrats without balls over a year before the election, we are also going to be forced to listen to Christmas music for two months before the holiday itself. Christmas has already been turned into a joke. I’m not a very religious person, so it has never meant a lot more to me than time with family and friends, which I greatly enjoy. However, now the large corporate retailers have taken the fun out of even that.

The Christmas that I once enjoyed has been turned into a round-the-clock mayhem of greed and conspicuous spending that simply turns my stomach. I can imagine how the “religious” among us would feel, if they would ever come home from Wal-Mart. Worse, we have to listen every day to how we are not meeting the sales expectations of these greedy store-owners. Who the hell cares? I mean, go whine at somebody else, you heartless bastards. Go tell somebody who cares!

We put the brakes on this Christmas crap years ago. We buy one gift each for our parents. Sometimes we make something for siblings. My wife and I don’t exchange gifts. We buy our daughter, now 21, a couple of gifts, usually things that we would have bought her anyway. Pretty much none of it is purchased during the Christmas season, but is rather picked up as we see attractive bargains during the year.

This practice makes it somewhat more enjoyable to drive past the malls and big-box stores around town without ever turning in. And I can watch the people lining up at oh-dark-thirty for seasonal bargains on the evening news and recognize them for the suckers and losers they are, bending over in the corner for Wal-Mart, Sears, J.C. Penny, and Target. I can’t imagine a worse fate than being trained to salivate on command by a chain store. What a bunch of dolts!


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