Rich People Don’t Know Squat

I think rich people are just great folks, most of the time. But then, because they are rich and can buy an election, they get themselves elected into our government, in very powerful positions. President, for example. The Bush family has been very rich for a very long time. They have been using their money to buy elections, and therefore power, for almost all of that time. Grandpa was a wacko that wanted to take power by force. Since then, they have just bought their way into political power.

There has been a lot written about the Kennedy power and money machine, beginning with Joe and not ending anytime soon, it doesn’t look like. Joe openly talked about buying the Presidential election for Jack. And I’m sure he did just that. Since then, elections have gotten even more expensive. Millions of dollars need to be raised even to be one of the 500-odd (and I do mean odd) members of the House of Representatives. One of the best ways to start is with your rich self and your rich friends. The Senate is even worse.

So, we wind up with rich people in office. Coddled, impractical rich people that don’t know the first thing about the 98% of the population that is not rich, and certainly not about the 30% of us that are poor. They don’t have to live from paycheck to paycheck. They can afford the tickets for professional football games. They can buy the cars that everybody wants. They can, and do, influence what the American dream is. That’s because they are living it.

The rest of us are not. Generally speaking, being rich is about one industrious ancestor, poor or not, that worked his butt off to get rich. In almost all of these families, the scions since the original have been playboy jet-setters, living the life of the rich and famous, paying people much smarter than they are to maintain the family fortune. Certainly, the two Georges Bush are no great shakes in the brains department. Worse, that seems to be going down hill in the Bush family. The elder George is just an intolerant bigot; his kid is a fascist bigot, instead.

It would not even matter if they were good people. They still have no idea what the problems of the country are. They are too spoiled to know. So they keep passing laws in favor of the rich, not caring at all about the rest of us. That is why people in this country have a seething anger inside them. They see the wealthy among us making all the rules in their own favor, ignoring the needs of the vast majority of the population, caring only about themselves.

They need to remember the lessons of the French Revolution before someone decides to teach those lessons to them the hard way.

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