Is Ranting and Raving Enough?

One rants and one raves (well, at least this one does) about the behavior of the current Bush administration, but one fervently hopes that Little George and company are not truly evil in the classic sense of the word. One hopes instead that Bush and his administration are just misguided, power-hungry, overly capitalistic (and militaristic) 21st century miscreants. For if they are truly evil, our country is doomed.

This administration has overseen the radical disassembly of our constitution. They have suspended or simply erased rights that have been with us since we won the War of American Independence. They have trampled on the concept of “common dignity” to the point where the concept has completely expired. They have placed themselves in a position to take us to war again, to declare martial law, and to suspend elections. Bush can, in short, finally realize the dream of his grandfather and declare himself the dictator of our country.

He has done all of this under the guise of already being at war. Of course, the so-called “War on Terror” is not a true war, but a smoke and mirrors affair that allowed him to manipulate the military machine of the United States and use his guise as Commander in Chief, which is historically a position that neither the electorate nor the congress is supposed to criticize, to make himself nearly invulnerable. He has moved almost the entire national guard out of the country to another phony war in Iraq, where they could not be used by the various Governors of the states to counteract a coup d’état. He is in a position to take over the country by force.

He has bankrupted the country with his extravagant spending on this war. The National Debt has soared high above any previous record. Much of the money for the war has gone to Bush’s friends in the ranks of the major corporations. The American dollar has essentially been devalued. It is currently at a record low point against most of the other currencies of the world. It is possible that the financial damage that he has done cannot be undone.

For some reason, the Congress has mot seen fit to act against Bush, who has clearly committed treason under the guise of providing protection. I am personally in the position of having no respect for any of the Democratic Presidential candidates because they refuse to act to remove Bush and Cheney from power. There is apparently not a single American in any position of power that has any courage whatsoever. It would appear that they are ready to let Bush do whatever he desires to do.

I am really beginning to hope that George W. Bush is really as stupid as he appears to be.

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