The War in Iraq

As you may have noticed, I am not in favor. ;o) I do not believe we should be there, I think we are doing the Iraqis much more harm than good, and I believe that we are there at the private behest of Bush and Cheney as vaudeville barkers for the corporate interests that control them. But that is not the worst of it. The worst of it is the injury and death that it causes among American soldiers and the people of Iraq.

Somewhere along the line, we have become so jaded by filthy politics that we are not screaming every time an American life is lost because we are in the wrong place protecting the object of greed of the super-rich. We have begun to think that the sort of small-minded lies and political deceptions that Bush and Cheney used to get us into this farce of a war are just par for the course.

This lack of American public backbone has gotten markedly worse over the course the last eight years. Eight years ago, if you will recall, we were watching the ultra-conservatives try to impeach Bill Clinton for the very personal error of thinking with his little head and not his big head. Where is the danger to our country in that ludicrous act? It was stupid, ill-considered, ham-handed, and just a damn dumb thing to do. But who did it hurt? Monica, who thought it was such a great idea that she cooperated? Hillary, who just shook her head and got on with it? Bill who looked almost as embarrassed as he felt? It was a personal issue, and should have stayed personal, or at the very worst out of Congressional hearings.

Now we have Little George and Hunter Dick repealing the Bill of Rights as fast as they can, sending our sons and daughters to Iraq to die for their personal profits, lying to us every step of the way, and we just sit on our hands? What the hell is the matter with us? When did America die? I seem to have missed it, but it has certainly happened. There does not appear to be a single non-conservative politician with even the smallest hint of a backbone. Impeach these bozos and throw the rascals out!

We all must know by now that there is no “War on Terror.” Terror is doing just fine, thank you. This “War on Terror” act has just been Little George playing a false war song so that he can grab more and more power. As I have said before, you don’t fight wars on terror with armies because the terrorists are too smart to come out of hiding and line up so that the marines can shoot them. Terrorism is fought with smart intelligence and international police work. It’s not too hard to see that “smart” is hardly the term to use for American intelligence of late and that we can’t get involved in international anything because Little George has insured that all of the other countries in the world dislike us.

So where do we go from here? First, we go home from Iraq and let those people solve their own problems, some of which are of our making. Once that is started, we begin to simultaneously impeach both Bush and Cheney, and go to work mending what is left of the Constitution of this country. Of course, first we have to find an opposition politician with big enough balls to do it. Hillary, of course, may well qualify.

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