General Petraeus and

Everyone has scurried out from under the woodwork on this issue, and it was getting lonely in there, so I decided to come out into the light, too. This issue is one of the few that currently exist in the world that truly has me on both sides. That is never a pleasant place to be.

MoveOn has supported a number of causes that I support, most specifically National Public Radio. They send too much email, though, and have almost gotten to the level of political spam. Then, they made the incredibly stupid move of vilifying the messenger. General Petraeus pretty much spouted the administration’s line, although he often looked uncomfortable doing so. That is what all of his years of training and service to our country have taught him to do.

Nevertheless, the idiots at decided to take out an ad giving the General a very bad time for doing his job. Anyone could just as easily vilify any individual of choice at and they would howl with pain. It was an underhanded and unethical thing for to do. The person that they want is a little farther up the food chain: his name is George W. Bush. Maybe the people are just cowards and have decided not to assign the blame to the President.

They then compounded their error by not having the good sense to apologize for it when they were caught doing something sneaky, underhanded, and cowardly. Instead, they stood behind their ad hominem attack on the poor guy who was delivering Bush’s message. Everybody on every high school debate team learns that’s a bad idea as freshmen. The people at do not seem to have learned it yet.

I know, I know, they have a right to free speech. But they don’t have the ethical right to slam the President’s errand boy. They don’t have special permission to play dirty. They do not have any right at all to cloak themselves in the appalling practices of Bush and his henchmen. Most of all, they don’t have the right to act like idiots. They are supposedly representing millions of people. They did a very bad job of that with this issue. Quit sending your money to We can get Bush without resorting to his tactics, as their poor ethics led them to do.

They did a stupid thing. Then they used the best stonewalling tactics of their avowed enemies to try and bail themselves out. If there is an ethical person among the staff at, she has apparently been on vacation for a while. My support for is over. I have put them on my email blacklist so I never have to look at anything from these underhanded jerks again.

That said, I hate the war. I intensely dislike what Little George is doing to our country, our military, our Constitution, and me and I personally feel that Little George is a lesser human being than the tiny speck of crap on a house fly’s ass. He proves me right every day. But I can do without people and organizations like helping me out with that considerable problem. I’d rather just keep on fighting it alone than with the help of an unethical

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