Middle Class Being Tested

This is nothing new, but a report on CNN Money today states once again the middle class in our country is being squeezed financially. It seems that they are paying more for almost everything, especially housing, gasoline, and health care. These costs are cause the American middle class, always the prototypical hard workers, to work even harder to maintain their … Continue reading

Let the Games Begin

It is the day past Thanksgiving and Christmas is now fair game. We will see photos and film at eleven documenting people lined up at the doors of big box stores to begin this years shopping wars. You will see them in the middle of the night in the freezing cold at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Macys, and every other store … Continue reading

Cell Phone Control

I’m getting close to my “New Every Two” mile marker with Verizon. That is a plan that gives you a new phone free (or more expensive phones with a big discount) every two years. I am nearing that point again and am wondering what to buy. I have been with Verizon, or companies that Verizon has purchased) for fourteen years. … Continue reading

Dollars for NASA

One hates to see NASA have the difficulties that they are currently experiencing. They have enough trouble with aging equipment and an embarrassing lack of budgetary support. Even the most fervent anti-NASA flat-earther would have to admit that we get a lot more out of the space program than we get out the wars that we are currently spending billions … Continue reading

Christmas Before Halloween

The latest round in the race for corporate greed honors goes to the retailers that have already started putting up Christmas decorations. It is still two weeks before Halloween and six weeks before Thanksgiving, not to mention ten weeks before Christmas. As if it is not already bad enough that the greedy politicians have so perverted “campaign season” to mean … Continue reading

When Will It Be Safe To Eat Again?

I hate to bring up questions when I don’t have any answers, but I am going to do it anyway. The news today contains a recall of beef, expanding t0 21.7 MILLION pound of hamburger “possibly” containing e. coli. Believe me, if this stuff was safe, the manufacturer would not be recalling it. That’s a lot of money off the … Continue reading