The Much Too Loyal Opposition

There is a rich tradition in politics, worldwide, of the “Loyal Opposition.” Wikipedia defines this as “the concept that one can be opposed to the actions of the government or ruling party of the day without being opposed to the constitution of the political system.” Somehow, we seem to have lost track of that in the United States. George W. Bush is by far the most treasonous President in the history of our country and every politician in the land, whether of his party or not, seems very content with his policies.

They may grumble a little, perhaps just enough to be able to say they were opposed to his actions, but they have done nothing to right the wrongs. Why? It is my considered opinion that all the rest of the politicians have been purchased, lock stock and barrel, by the same wealthy business interests that have made Bush and Cheney their very own lackeys. I get the distinct feeling that, regardless of who is elected in 2008, no rights will be restored and no wrongs will be undone.

Think of Hillary in that big, swanky house in upstate New York. Think of Edwards on his compound down south. Think of Rudy and his power politics and entourage. Then try to imagine any one of those wealthy, cosseted, disconnected candidates caring about anything but their own power base and getting more and more control over more and more things. If that’s too hard, try to imagine that they care about you.

If there is a worldwide sewer, this country is in it, and every politician in the Presidential race has worked just about equally hard hard to take us there. They have been bought and sold by corporate lobbyists, two-faced television preachers, Wall Street interests, and every other big-money trough that they could suck up to. I have looked hard and cannot find even one with enough ethics to show up under an electron microscope. Each and every one has sold out the average American citizen to the highest bidder.

If you think for an instant that they have your best interests at heart, look where they live. Look at their voting records. Don’t pay any attention to the sound bites; anybody can talk the talk. When it comes time to walk the walk, though, these people are their own best and only interests. They are walking away with as much of your freedom and money as they can carry in their armada of tint-window SUVs.

They have all learned the black arts of the big lie and the bigger spin. They have all forgotten anything they ever knew about common decency and the common man. The only score they care about is how rich and powerful they are. We have come a long way from our revolutionary past and are now approaching the neo-fascist nighttime of what was the American dream.

What American dream? These political toadies stole it long ago.

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