Fear Factor

It is once again the Halloween season, and scary images are beginning to appear everywhere. Ghouls and ghosts and vampires abound in print, on the tube, and in movies. I have no idea why anyone would think that Americans need a good scare. We already have the most frightening entities in the long and scary history of our country. We have George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Why do we need to conjure up monsters when we have to look every day at the men who have eviscerated our Constitution? There is no need to invoke the Spanish Inquisition when we already have the men who have done their best to carry us back to fifteenth century by bringing back torture, illegal confinement without charges, and by single-handedly repealing the Geneva Convention.

How badly should we allow ourselves to be scared by the application of red paint to simulate scary blood when little George has spilled so much real blood across our world on some private mission of his own? He is responsible for the killing, maiming, and wounding of thousands of American soldiers in his private pursuit of power and glory, not to mention his greed for money and resources.

Should the vampires come to suck our blood during trick or treat evening, how much worse is that than the man who has almost single-handedly sucked the U.S. Treasury dry and placed every single American thousands of dollars further in debt? Worse, all of this money has done nothing positive for anyone but little George and his friends, like the Blackwater killers and the Halliburton crooks.

So, throw your worst at me this Halloween. Come as The Headless Horseman, a monster from outer space, or a killer from the Bates Motel. Bring on your sharp-toothed vampires, your ethereal cackling ghosts, and your wart-nosed witches. Feel free to come and scare me with your amputated arms, your spike-laden cranium, and your spider-infested hairdos.

But this Halloween, if you really want to scare people with both intellect and patriotism, dress up like George W. Bush.

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