The Similarities Between Ahmadinejad and Bush

It is difficult to ignore the similarities between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President George W. Bush. There are differences, thank fate, but the similarities far outweigh them. To quote yet another president, this time Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, the Iranian president is “a petty and cruel dictator.” Little George is certainly petty. He obviously wants to be a dictator, given his ransacking of the Bill of Rights and his single-minded. illegal, unethical consolidation of Executive and Presidential powers. I don’t know if he’s cruel or not, but I have no trouble seeing Little George burning the legs off of bugs or small mammals using the sun and a magnifying glass.

We can also compare Ahmadinejad and Bush in terms of dogmatic religious beliefs. The former does not believe in the Holocaust because it puts the largest enemy of Islam in a good light, the second denies the intent of the founding fathers on the matter of separation of Church and State because it wins him the vote of the stuck-in-the-eighth-century American Christian fundamentalists. Bush also says that he takes direction from God’s voice in his head, although this could be construed as being either way too religious or evidence of further mental disorders, or both. George also has serious issues with science, and will not give a clear answer on whether he believes in evolution or a 6,000-year-old Earth.

They do not agree on the presence of the U.S. in Iraq, but for the same reasons. Bush wants us to stay, badly enough to ignore a two-to-one mandate of the people to get out. Ahmadinejad want us to leave. This is clearly because both of the Presidents want to claim Iraq as their own. Both are totally without any regard whatsoever for the desires of the current residents of Iraq, though, which is another very strong similarity. Instead, all these two presidents care about is increasing their power and their wealth.

Both presidents are clearly willing to lie to their own populace and to the international community. George has lied about everything from weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to the progress being made there. Ahmadinejad has lied about everything from his expansionist intentions to his nuclear program. Between them, they have probably shoveled more bull than the other leaders of the world combined, which is saying a great deal. One simply has to stand in awe of that much professed crap.

Since we are being forced to listen to Bush, given the incredible weakness of the opposition in Congress (who are also ignoring that 70-30 mandate to leave Iraq), I suppose we should also listen to Ahmadinejad. Both are professional spewers of hate and lies, although the proportions are different. Ahmadinejad is bigger on hate, Bush is bigger on lies. Maybe they should go into partnership on Iraq, perhaps naming the venture “Hate and Lies, Inc.”

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