Duck, O.J., Duck!

The last good decision that O.J. Simpson made was whether to cut left or right during the last NFL play on which he gained yards. Since then, it has been pretty much downhill for The Juice. I don’t know that anyone has ever thought of him as a mental powerhouse, but his good-decision record would only be considered positive if it was applied to a tree stump. How can a man make so many mistakes?

I’m not going to recount them all here. This is a blog post, not an epic film. But, for openers, why did he decide that he could either act or announce? He could do neither. He looked SO dumb as the security guard in Towering Inferno, itself a supremely bad film. Hearing him try to talk in a world of professional football announcers was also a supremely painful experience. Couldn’t ABC at least have gotten him a voice coach? Nope, they just put him out on a ledge by himself and let him mumble.

Of course, the murder trial didn’t help. I know, his lawyers convinced a jury that he didn’t do it. In the end, that jury made up the only twelve people on the planet that thought he was innocent. I can still remember standing in the midst of a large group of programmers who were part of my project when the verdict was announced . The disbelief was universal. Even the few black people who thought it was a good thing didn’t believe that he was innocent. Either he was guilty and had the best attorneys and luck in the world, or he was innocent and had a group of fumbling legal clowns that could not come up with a believable defense, except to those specific twelve people.

Everything else he has done after that was dumb. Somehow, having been acquitted in the murder trial, he got himself emasculated in the civil trial. Since the day he walked out of that second courtroom, a legally innocent but financially guilty man, O.J. has appeared to only understand the role of buffoon. He is a walking joke with a supremely checkered past.

It seems to me that an entire nation full of law enforcement personnel think he skated on murder and have been watching his every move since the jury brought back an innocent verdict. They have got him on some little stuff, paying attention, biding their time. So what does our hero do? He decides to commit armed robbery in Las Vegas, the official home of the video surveillance camera.

What a freaking idiot. They can’t fry him for armed robbery, but they can put him away for a while. Who says there’s no justice?

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