The Media and Diapers

The horribly crass people that comprise our national media have found another “provocative” buzzword to overuse. This time it is “diaper.” As in adult diaper. I don’t think they find the regular baby diapers to be nearly as lurid, as a way to attract people into their idiotic little stories about grown people in diapers. In my opinion, however, this sort of media work and baby diapers are full of exactly the same thing.

It all started, of course, with the Diapered Astronaut, who now says she was not diapered at all. Once the media has an astronaut doing diaper-denial, they have her right where they want her. Of course, with all the diaper-drivel going on, it’s easy to lose track of how truly wacko this particular astronaut was on that particular night, or that she physically assaulted another human being. Instead, it’s all about the diapers in the “minds” of the media.

It took the press corps a while, but they have finally managed to dig up a couple of more rather obscure weirdo stories that also involved adult diapers. Once again, the stories became all about the diapers, instead of being about the creeps that were wearing them and the laws that were being broken. I can just see the editor-in-chief at CNN looking around the table and saying, “Sure, there were crimes committed! But what’s important is that we can use the word ‘diaper’ in the headlines again!”

It is hard for me to imagine the incredibly low opinion that news directors must have for people in general. It is apparent that they feel their average viewer has the same general mentality as a 10-13 year-old. Talk about adult diapers or vomit, and there’s a group that will be all over it, those adolescent boys. If that’s is who CNN wants as viewers, so be it. I am more than willing to cede that demographic to them.

I expect that sort of behavior out of Fox News, and their resident pin-head O’Reilly, but I would like to think better of CNN. CNN was once actually a news organization. Now, it seems, they are perfectly content to just troll the shallowest end of the gene pool for viewers, just like Fox does. In both of those “news” organizations, “news” no longer stands a chance. It comes in at least third or fourth to glitz, sex, and spin.

On nights that we can’t have adult diapers, we can certainly have Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, Brittany Spears, or J-Lo (whoever that is), who all are pretty much adult diapers for the mind. Never mind that little George is turning America into Nazi Germany as quickly as he can, while bankrupting the county so that he and his cronies can keep watch on the oil that they covet in Iraq. The thought of all that oil is all that it takes to make that Bush – Cheney crowd salivate and want to wax their carrots. To the American “media” it is much more important that we know who may be wearing adult diapers.

I have heard members of the media wonder aloud why they are no longer respected. Well, ladies and gentlemen of the fourth estate, it is because you refuse to respect your readers and viewers. Instead of news, which is all around us, you give us diapers and no-talent bimbos (that term also covers Mr. Cruise), I suppose because it is easier than doing real work or demonstrating an ability to think.

The media is working really hard to earn the chance to join politicians in the winners circle that already includes the lawyers, purveyors of used cars, cheap hookers, pederasts, and siding salesmen. Pretty soon, at the rate the media is going down the toilet, we may be willing, or even happy, to let Michael Vick back into our hearts. At least he might have, comparatively, some small sliver of ethics.

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