While You were Out

I apologize for two days without posts. My Web host decided to get quite illogical on me, so I have spent the last day and a half moving to a new Web host, and a day before that researching which host was the one for me. I will write a post about that experience in the next few days. For today, I ran across a “funny” while-you-were-out message form in a couple of places on the Web. If you really consider it, it is scary stuff. The form will be visible if you click on the “Read the Rest…” link below.

How did the United States of America get to the point where something like this (see below) can appear on the Web and some of the people commenting on it think that it is real? How have we managed to wind up with a Hitler-substitute in the White house, building his own private Gestapo, slowly repealing the entire Bill of Rights? We need to get that megalomaniac the hell out of office and into the nearest mental institution sometime yesterday. I know that this form is not real. But it is scary as all get-out that some people can look at it and think that it is!

The more rights that we let little George take away, the closer we are to a situation where the Government Printing Office will be printing forms like this in their millions. He has already managed to do over half the things that allowed Hitler to become a dictator. We surely do not want him to do the other half.

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