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I’m sorry to have to say it, but both Michael Vick and Alberto Gonzales squandered their potential for good and became wastes of space in the process. I would apologize to all people of African and Mexican descent, but this is neither racist or elitist. This is just logical and absolutely common sensical.

Today, Mr. Vick tells us that he is sorry. To me, that’s a little like Heinrich Himmler saying that he may have had a small lapse of judgment. Repeat along with me: Michael Vick cruelly treated, then cruelly executed, dogs that were his to care for. That does not just go away because he has now noticed what an inhuman anus he is. That should never go away. Michael Vick should be known forever as the guy who tortured and killed dogs.

Sure, when he gets out of jail, he will have done his time. But he won’t be able to vote, and he won’t be able to carry a gun. People that do things like he did are ostracized for a reason and there is a process to go through to worm their way back into human society. They have to say they are sorry. So far that is all Mr. Vick has done. Next, he needs to be stripped of all his accolades and shipped off to prison for a long time. Lastly, he has to live a good life for as long after prison as he did before prison so that we know that he means it when he says he’s sorry. He hasn’t even made a good start yet.

But he has made a better start than has Alberto Gonzales. To date, Alberto has not even bothered to apologize. The most memorable moments of the Alberto Gonzales tenure as attorney general have been spent alternately lying to the public for which he works and hiding behind another renowned American liar, George W. Bush. Gonzales has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that while he was in charge of enforcing the ethics of all other Americans, he obviously would not know an ethic from a pineapple himself.

Then he has the truly unmitigated gall to say, “I have lived the American dream. My worst days as attorney general have been better than my father’s best days.” That is only true if his father before him was also a lying sack of crap, which seems unlikely, given the sacrifices the father made to get the son a good, if eventually wasted, education.

Neither Mr. Vick nor Mr. Gonzales are typical representatives of their respective cultures. Instead, they are representative only of the Culture of Greed, lusting after money, power, and thrills. Vick is a man with good coordination made rich and convinced that he was special and didn’t have to follow the regular rules. Gonzales is a man raised in status and education, and convinced that he was beyond a law even more basic than those he had sworn to uphold.

In the end, they turned out to be small-time bullies and liars, no more, no less. They were given a chance to be role models for all of us. Instead, they threw it all away for the New American Greed.


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  1. Hey,Kermit, Now I can mess with your head here too! I like what you’re doing with this. Of course you know Gonzales has gone. He’s looking ahead to his own future,I guess. I don’t think history will be very kind to Bush. Frankly I can’t stand his “friends only” politics. He really scares me.

  2. Hi, Diane. Welcome to the Kansas Curmudgeon. It’s great to see you here. Yup, Gonzo is gone. If his father is still alive, he has to be breathing a sigh of relief. ;o) George the Shrub is a very scary person to a lot of us. I’m just hoping to get through the rest of his term without that declaration of Martial Law that the left-wing fundamentalists keep yammerin on about. History, hopefully, will treat him much worse that the voters did through two full terms. Make up and enemy, care people enough, and offer to protect them, it seems, and people will vote for anyone.


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