The Auto Ad Death Race

Automotive advertising has taken a turn for the lethal. There is no other way for it to end up. These ads, of late, are full of video footage of successful young men driving their (sometimes) mediocre cars at ridiculous speeds through the downtown portions of major metropolitan areas. Even Volvo commercials are doing it. Safety, indeed.You will a see young … Continue reading

Popups, Pop-Unders, and Idiots

I am a both stumbler and a Stumbler. Because I have multiple sclerosis, I have become a journeyman physical stumbler. I am also a user of StumbleUpon. Not a pathological Stumbler, yet, I don’t think, but, a Stumbler nonetheless. For the uninitiated, StumbleUpon is a sort of or eHarmony service for you and Websites. You tell StumbleUpon what sort … Continue reading

Why is there so much sadness?

Everywhere we turn, we find sadness, disasters, tragedies, sob stories, tear-jerkers, angst, distress, misery, melancholy and woes. The news is full of it, the Internet is full of it, our entertainment (!?!) is full of it. Sometimes, it all gets a little overwhelming. It seems like an airborne plague of negative energy, lurking above us, waiting to come down like … Continue reading

Where have all the role models gone?

The concept of the role model has taken a significant beating. Once upon a time, positive role models included athletes, policemen, movie stars, our political and religious leaders, and even our mothers and fathers. In many ways those concepts have stayed much the same. It is just that most of those icons can hardly be considered positive any more, by … Continue reading