Were We Rude to Ahmadinejad?

I see a lot of rhetoric about whether or not we were rude to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I call it rhetoric since it seems to be fueled by one’s stance on American politics, having nothing to do with Ahmadinejad himself. The President of Iran is a despicable semi-human fundamentalist Islamic strong-arm dictator, a fascist in religious clothing, a basher of women, … Continue reading

Headlines 001

Headlines sometimes just crack me up. These are not headlines from The Onion, or anything like that. These are all taken from CNN, and from their main list of the day’s news to boot. Some are not really news at all, some are poorly worded (to say the least), and some are just plain stupid. This is just for openers. … Continue reading

The Media and Diapers

The horribly crass people that comprise our national media have found another “provocative” buzzword to overuse. This time it is “diaper.” As in adult diaper. I don’t think they find the regular baby diapers to be nearly as lurid, as a way to attract people into their idiotic little stories about grown people in diapers. In my opinion, however, this … Continue reading

What Is “Fashion,” Really?

If it is not readily apparent from what I write, and from my photo as it appears when I reply to a comment, I am a guy. Therefore, I am not generally expected to understand “fashion.” I must beg to differ. I understand “fashion” much better than most people do. It is just that my understanding of the phenomenon makes … Continue reading

Thousands of Web “Experts?”

One way to tell if an “expert” is bogus is to ask them a question. It should be a fairly accurate question, not too broad to answer. If their response, no matter how detailed you make the question, is, “Well, it depends” followed by half an hour of bullshit, the person is not an “expert.” One of the things that … Continue reading

Katrina, Little George, and Global Warming

At this time of year, whenever I look out into the mid-Atlantic or the Gulf, large storms are everywhere. It is difficult not to think of Katrina when I see the big blotches of orange, yellow, and white out over the warm water. It is impossible to think of Katrina without thinking of all the flooding and a devastated New … Continue reading