The Slammer

Why are so many Americans in jail? That is a very simple-sounding question yet it seemingly does not have a correct answer, which is to say that there are a great many answers but one cannot tell which among them are correct. One fact does stand out: if you are an American, you are much more likely to be in … Continue reading

Health Care and Me

Several things have brought the subject of health care to my mind today. None of those has made me feel more sanguine about life. I have not seen the latest offering from Michael Moore, but I think I get the gist of the message. It seems to me that his bottom line was that the health care in the United … Continue reading

Is Ranting and Raving Enough?

One rants and one raves (well, at least this one does) about the behavior of the current Bush administration, but one fervently hopes that Little George and company are not truly evil in the classic sense of the word. One hopes instead that Bush and his administration are just misguided, power-hungry, overly capitalistic (and militaristic) 21st century miscreants. For if … Continue reading

Rich People Don’t Know Squat

I think rich people are just great folks, most of the time. But then, because they are rich and can buy an election, they get themselves elected into our government, in very powerful positions. President, for example. The Bush family has been very rich for a very long time. They have been using their money to buy elections, and therefore … Continue reading