Kansas Bites the Dust

The Kansas Jayhawks ran into a buzz saw at Arrowhead stadium Saturday night. When they came out the other end of that device, they were considerably smaller in both stature and reputation. Even the coach was smaller in the latter, which is saying something. It is not possible to blame the players for this loss. If you wish to blame … Continue reading

Let the Games Begin

It is the day past Thanksgiving and Christmas is now fair game. We will see photos and film at eleven documenting people lined up at the doors of big box stores to begin this years shopping wars. You will see them in the middle of the night in the freezing cold at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Macys, and every other store … Continue reading

Cell Phone Control

I’m getting close to my “New Every Two” mile marker with Verizon. That is a plan that gives you a new phone free (or more expensive phones with a big discount) every two years. I am nearing that point again and am wondering what to buy. I have been with Verizon, or companies that Verizon has purchased) for fourteen years. … Continue reading

More On Education

I have gotten some family and friend reaction to my recent column on education and technology. Essentially, several people have said that they understood the idea, but that I was much too hard on education and much too easy on the students. There is more than a little bit of truth to that, I suppose, especially from some viewpoints and some … Continue reading

The State of Education

Oddly enough, I had to get this Kansas topic from a friend in Australia. Yvonne (her blog is here) emailed me about a great YouTube video exposing the archaic methods of education being used all over the world, and the way that young, internet-savvy students feel about that, which is mainly annoyed. I would paste the video in, but as I … Continue reading

Be The Blog Award

I got tagged today by the West Virginia Blogger to go and collect my Be The Blog award from MeAndMyDrum. It is for bloggers that “make it their own, stay with it, are interactive with their readers, and just plain have fun.” Well, that’s me, I guess. At least I always try to interact with both my regular readers. I’m … Continue reading

How To Get Bad News

Although I don’t expect to get a lot of takers, I am absolutely sure that I have identified a surefire method for getting bad news. It is only a two-step process, so I’m sure anybody can do it. I know it’s easy for me. The first step is to get old, and by “old” I just mean the top part … Continue reading