The Taste of Fear

I was sent an excellent column today by a friend. It was written By Tom Friedman and appeared in the New York Times, in the guise of an intelligence report to President Ahmadinejad of Iran. It is well worth reading in its entirety, and I hope that you do so. One of the things that it talks about is the … Continue reading

The Mortgage Boondoggle

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson indicated today that the U.S. government is hard at work putting together a program to help “struggling mortgage holders.” I have a question. Where the hell was Henry Paulson, his predecessors, and the rest of the supposed watchdogs in government when the mortgage lenders were granting loans that the borrowers were obviously going to be unable … Continue reading

Middle Class Being Tested

This is nothing new, but a report on CNN Money today states once again the middle class in our country is being squeezed financially. It seems that they are paying more for almost everything, especially housing, gasoline, and health care. These costs are cause the American middle class, always the prototypical hard workers, to work even harder to maintain their … Continue reading