When Will It Be Safe To Eat Again?

I hate to bring up questions when I don’t have any answers, but I am going to do it anyway. The news today contains a recall of beef, expanding t0 21.7 MILLION pound of hamburger “possibly” containing e. coli. Believe me, if this stuff was safe, the manufacturer would not be recalling it. That’s a lot of money off the … Continue reading

My Head (Revisited)

This essay was originally written 26 years ago for inclusion in a column (called Kermit’s Korner) which I wrote in the Netwits SIG section of Compuserve. It is as true today as it was then. My writing has (probably) improved, but the technique for keeping track of one’s head has stayed just the same. One of the unfortunate circumstances inherent … Continue reading

Were We Rude to Ahmadinejad?

I see a lot of rhetoric about whether or not we were rude to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I call it rhetoric since it seems to be fueled by one’s stance on American politics, having nothing to do with Ahmadinejad himself. The President of Iran is a despicable semi-human fundamentalist Islamic strong-arm dictator, a fascist in religious clothing, a basher of women, … Continue reading

Desktop Blog Tag

I was tagged by The West Virginia Blogger to put up a picture of my desktop. I actually have fifty or so photos that I have taken rotating at any one time, out of several hundred that I have shaved down to desktop size. This is my favorite of the current batch. It is the view over my back fence … Continue reading

Headlines 001

Headlines sometimes just crack me up. These are not headlines from The Onion, or anything like that. These are all taken from CNN, and from their main list of the day’s news to boot. Some are not really news at all, some are poorly worded (to say the least), and some are just plain stupid. This is just for openers. … Continue reading

The Similarities Between Ahmadinejad and Bush

It is difficult to ignore the similarities between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President George W. Bush. There are differences, thank fate, but the similarities far outweigh them. To quote yet another president, this time Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, the Iranian president is “a petty and cruel dictator.” Little George is certainly petty. He obviously wants to be a dictator, … Continue reading

Terrorism: No Need For War

George W. Bush has made an entire presidential career out of the War On Terror. He somehow equates a hundred thousand troops in Iraq, constantly annoying the Iraqis, as the major component of that war. I’m sorry, George, but the only effect that the war in Iraq is having on terrorists is to further piss them off. Dubya has managed … Continue reading