Perhaps a Ray of Hope – Part Two

I started talking yesterday about why I like Barack Obama. A lot of it has to do with the feeling that he wants to take us someplace better, while all of the other candidates want to give us more of the same. They are all insiders, part of the “inside the Beltway” crew, and they all have vested interests in ignoring the American people and working for themselves and the lobby groups that make them rich. Barack Obama was not privileged as a youth, and has not become markedly more so since then. It is possible for him to be an outsider and to still lead.

Earlier, I had reconciled myself to settle for Hillary. But the more I look at Hillary, the more I see a control-freak lusting after the power that Bush has invested in the Presidency. I firmly believe that she would not only retain all of it for her own benefit, but would make it worse. Where George has been trying hard to make himself King, Hillary would be very pleased to be Queen.

She is a polarizing factor, hiding behind her façade of calmness and refusing to let you know what’s going on inside her mind. Maybe she lived will Bill for too long. I make the assumption that if her thoughts were good, she would let them show. Instead, she plays her cards very close to her blouse. I would love to see a female President. It’s just that I don’t want it to be Hillary. I want a female president because there are a number of female qualities that I would love to see brought to the job. Hillary doesn’t seem to possess any of them.

Speaking of Bill, he need to shut the hell up. He doesn’t have any more couth at defending Hillary than he did at sexually betraying her. He is, by all accounts, a very bright man. I do not think, though, that he is very well socialized. He needs to concentrate on being a national icon. We already have enough national assholes and there is no sense in him adding himself to that group.

Maybe we could get Kathleen Sibelius on board as Obama’s Vice President. That would be one hell of a ticket, both people that I respect. In fact, I would not be unhappy to see a Sibelius / Obama ticket. She has been a marvelous Governor for Kansas. She is open, honest, and not afraid to be a woman. We could do a lot worse, but she doesn’t have the national presence yet. After eight years as Vice-President, she would.

More tomorrow.

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